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Men's Hooded 5/4mm Surfing Wetsuit

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🌡 For Temperatures Down To 44°F

🥷 Built In Hood

🧈 Buttery Soft

💪 Super Durable

♻ Eco-Friendly

This is the warmest wetsuit we make!

The thick 5/4mm neoprene, and built-in hood, will protect you from even the coldest water... rated for temperatures as low as 44°F.

Stay warmer, surf longer.

Built-In Hood

5/4mm Wetsuits with built-in hood

No more ice cream headaches when duck diving!

If you're surfing where it's cold enough to need a 5/4 wetsuit, you're going to want a hood too.

We built a hood into this wetsuit, because this way it's more watertight than using a separate hood (and easier too).

SmoothSkin edges are soft and comfortable on your face, while providing a seal against cold water.

Adjust the hood's tightness with a simple pull of the bungee cord.

5/4mm SuperStretch Limestone-Based Neoprene

Most Comfortable 5/4mm Hooded Surfing Wetsuit

We use only the finest neoprene in our wetsuits... for you, and for the planet.

Our SuperStretch limestone-based neoprene is warm, sretchy, soft, and durable.

Yes, it costs us more than using petroleum-based neoprene... but we'll gladly eat those costs, to keep you warm, and to keep Earth a little bit happier with us.

5/4mm thickness provides a barrier between you and the cold cold ocean... rated for temperatures as low as 44°F.

GBS Taped Seams

GBS Taped Seams on our 5/4mm Wetsuit

If you know wetsuits, you know how important the seams are. Maybe even more important than the thickness of the neoprene!

Flatlock stitching is much cheaper, but it pokes thousands of little holes along the seams, which allows cold water to seep through.

That's why we use the gold-standard in our hooded wetsuits: GBS Taped Seams (Glue and Blind Stitched).

This type of stitching doesn't penetrate all the way through the neoprene, so there aren't thousands of little holes on the seams.

Major upgrade from flatlock stitching, but then we go even farther, and glue the seams and add a strip of neoprene tape to really seal the seams and keep them as watertight as possible.

Of course we had to do it this way for our cold water wetsuit.

Warm Thermal Lining

Warm Inner Lining on Ho Stevie! 5/4 Wetsuit

Chafing = BAD

Soft warm inner lining = GOOD

Stay warmer, and surf more comfortably, with our cozy thermal lining along your back, chest, and thighs.

YKK Zipper

Premium YKK Zipper on Ho Stevie! 5/4mm Hooded Wetsuit

Again, we only want to use the finest quality materials in our wetsuits.

Last thing you need is your zipper stuck from corrosion, when that cold icy swell is pumping.

You probably won't think twice about the zipper. But we did.

Reinforced Knee Pads

Extra durable knee pads, for all those pop ups you're gonna be doing in this hooded wetsuit.

Key Loop

It blows our minds that some brands don't have a key loop in their wetsuits.

Like where are you supposed to hide your key?! (PRO TIP: the wheel well of your car is not the most secret spot).

We got you though. Loop your key onto the bungee cord near the chest zipper, and keep it safe and easily accessible (accessible only to you).

Plastic-Free Packaging

Ho Stevie! 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit in Plastic-Free Packaging

Because why not?

Well, it is more expensive.

But it's our little way of paying it forward to Mother Nature.

Your 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit will arrive in a cardboard box instead of plastic packaging.

Wear the wetsuit, recycle the box!

Money Back Guarantee:

If your hooded wetsuit doesn’t fit, or there is anything else you don’t like about it, you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

We want you to be happy with your wetsuit :)

Men's 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit Size Chart:

Ho Stevie! Men's 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit Size Chart

Check our size chart to make sure you order the right size wetsuit. If you're choosing between sizes, go with the larger size.

Tested in the Freezing Atlantic Ocean in New Jersey

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