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Surfboard Traction Pad

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Rear traction pads are key for locking in your back foot for speed and maneuvers.

When you pop up and push your foot back against the kicktail of the pad, you know you are positioned properly and not going to slip off.

Before Astrodek invented traction pads in the late 70's, surfers had to rely on wax to keep their back foot stuck to the surfboard.

Thankfully we have perfected the EVA foam traction pad since then :)

Best surfboard traction pad

Surfboard Traction Pad Features

  • Powerful 3M adhesive for maximum stick to your board
  • Lightweight Thermoformed EVA Foam
  • Kick tail to secure your foot against for security and torque
  • Middle arch supports your foot
  • 3 piece design allows precise adjustment when applying pads
  • Palm Tree design if you like tropical vibes, or keep things vanilla with plain colors. Black, Aqua (blue), or White.

Powerful 3M Adhesive

Surfboard traction pad with 3M adhesive

Don't you hate it when your traction pad starts peeling off your surfboard?

Yeah, we hate that too. That's why we use the best 3M adhesive on our traction pads.

Some of the cheaper pads (mainly the no-name brands on Amazon) use a cheaper adhesive, and the traction pads start peeling off your surfboard after not too long.

Grippy Traction, But Soft On Your Knees

Traction pad soft foam texture

Have you ever had your knees get all scraped up from your traction pad when surfing in your boardshorts? (If you're lucky enough to surf somewhere warm enough for boardshorts)

That's what happened to Stevie when he lived in Hawaii, so he made these traction pads different.

The foam has a softer feel, with softer edges on the texture, so your foot still stays stuck on the pad, but your knees don't get scraped up from it.


Surf Traction Pad Size Dimensions

Our traction pads are full size, unlike many of the cheaper options online. They measure 12"x12" when the pieces are pushed together, or you can spread them as wide as you like.
Surfboard Traction Pad Size

Do You Need A Traction Pad For Your Surfboard?

No... but you probably should use one. (For any surfboard shorter than 7′ anyways)

Some surfers, like Mason Ho, prefer to wax the tail of their board instead of using a traction pad.

But the vast majority of surfers choose to use a rear traction pad.

Traction pads give you better traction. You can wax the tail of your board all you want, but that just can’t match the grip of a traction pad.

Different Types of Rear Traction Pads

1-Piece Traction Pads

1-piece surfboard traction pad
One-piece traction pads don't allow you to spread the width.

2-Piece Traction Pads

2-piece surfboard traction pad
Two-piece traction pads are split down the middle, so you can spread the two pieces.

3-Piece Traction Pads

3-piece surfboard traction pad
Three-piece traction pads (what we make) allow the most customization.

If you want to leave the pads all close together, you can. OR you can spread the pads apart as wide as you want.

Whatever feels best on your foot.

Arch Support or Flat Pad

Some traction pads are completely flat, but most surfers prefer a middle arch, so our traction pads have the middle arch. This can help with foot positioning also.

Surfboard Traction Pad Colors

Black Traction Pads

Black surfboard traction pads
Black traction, plain or with white palm trees.

Aqua (Blue) Traction Pads

Blue (Aqua) surfboard traction pads
Aqua (blue) traction, plain or with white palm trees.

White Traction Pads

White surfboard traction pad
Currently only plain white is available, but white with black palm trees will be available soon. Probably before Christmas.

Installing Rear Traction Pad On Your Surfboard

Clean the tail of your surfboard.

If you have a brand new board, just wipe it down with some water (or Windex) and paper towel.

If you have already been using your board with wax on the tail, scrape the wax off and remove the residue with acetone or similar product.

If you already have a traction pad on your surfboard, you will need to carefully remove it. Slowly peeling it off with the help of a razor blade is one way to do it. Remove any residue with acetone or similar product.

Surfboard traction pad removal

Traction pad removal

Your tail needs to be perfectly clean, otherwise the traction pad won’t stick properly.

(Using “surfboard wax remover” is not recommended, as this can leave an oily residue on your surfboard, which causes poor adhesion of the traction pad)

Lay out the pieces and trace the outline onto your surf board.

This will let you find the perfect position before you stick the pad to your board. Most people like to spread the pads apart slightly, but it’s all personal preference. It’s also a good idea to put the pad back as far as possible against the leash plug. You want the pad (and your foot) to be directly over the fins.

Surfboard traction pad installation

Peel off the backing on the pads, line them up with what you traced, and carefully press them onto your surfboard.

Try not to screw this part up, because the pads won’t be easy to pull off after you stick them on. Press firmly all over the pads, to make sure they adhere to the surfboard.

Rear traction pad install

Surfboard tail pad application

Wait 24 hours to ensure proper adhesion before surfing.

Traction Pads on Foam Surfboards

Foamies are all the rage right now... Catch Surf, Wavestorms, and other brands.

Some people like to add a traction pad to their soft top surfboard.

This is fine, but sometimes the traction pad doesn't adhere perfectly to the foam. You might need to use superglue if you see your traction pad peeling off.

Traction pad on soft-top surfboard

Traction Not Limited To Surfboards

Use our traction pads for wakesurf boards, skimboards... even your OneWheel!

Wakesurf Traction Pad

Wakesurf traction pad

Skimboard Traction Pad

Skimboard traction pad

Onewheel Traction Pad

Onewheel traction pad

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